Buffets; The Best Way To Dine!

From birthdays to anniversaries, coming to our buffet for a meal to is a great way to celebrate any special occasion.

Large Table Bookings
Booking a table for a small number of people doesn’t come with very many complications, but if there is a large number of you, this can soon turn into a nightmare. Not only do you have to pick a restaurant that suits everyone’s taste (a task that is impossible as you can’t please everyone), but due to the large number of mouths to feed, you will undoubtedly have to order your food in advance. Getting everyones food preferences is hard, as people will forget to respond, or will likely want to change their mind at the last minute. What can you do? It’s simple, instead of booking a table at a restaurant, come to our buffet instead.

No Pressure
Not everyone will agree on food. Whilst you may love Indian cuisine your friend may not and it is for this reason why we offer a varied range. Whilst we do specialise in Indian foods, we also offer Chinese and Italian dishes, so no one will have to go hungry; meaning everyone is kept happy.

No Ordering In Advance
Unlike other restaurants, no matter how many guests you have in mind, with our buffet you will never have to pre-order dishes. Book your table, turn up and then go and help yourself to a wide range of dishes. It really is as simple as that!

Plenty Of Choice
We have all been in that situation, where you simply can’t choose between two dishes on a menu or you end up wishing you had ordered what your friend had. With a buffet, such a situation will never arise, as you can try all the dishes that look appealing to you, just make sure that you wear loose trousers!

No Nasty Surprises
By eating at our buffet there will be no nasty surprises when it comes to paying the bill; as it is a fixed price per head for food. Just remember that you will need to pay for drinks separately, so just make sure you are sensible and factor in the additional wine, beer or soft drinks that you have.

No Waiting Around
No matter how busy we are, food will always be ready for you to eat. This is great for those of you who can be a little impatient when it comes to eating. As soon as you arrive, grab a plate and you can begin filling your plate as soon as possible! Bear in mind that our food containers aren’t bottomless (unfortunately) and you may have to wait for popular choices to be re-filled. If you don’t want to wait, you could always try something else, however, and come back when it’s replenished.

Buffets have a very social atmosphere and are a great place to get talking to other people and not just to the people who you are with. Suggesting dishes to try to others, or asking people for their recommendations, is a great way to dine. With a little encouragement, you may even end up trying something completely new, which you wouldn’t have if you were deciding on your own.