Chicken Tikka Masala: English or Indian?

Chicken tikka masala is widely loved by all, especially us Brits, who in a recent survey ranked it as our second favourite dish. However, there is a mystery surrounding the origin of the nations’ favourite dish, which we hope to solve within this blog.

International debate
For centuries there has been a certain mystery which has caused an international debate regarding the whereabouts this popular dish originated. The mouth-watering treat is based on the traditional chicken tikka dish, which is lovingly marinated with various spices and yogurt, and then baked in a tandoor oven, and then finally smothered in the masala sauce. Due to generations passing on their version on the recipe, there are no standard ingredients that go into the masala. What does remain consistent is its creamy texture with a gentle hum of spice that tantalises the taste buds. The bright and vibrant colour often comes from the exquisite spices used in Indian cooking, to give life to this delectable dinner.

Western invention
Saying this, some argue that the mildness of the dish suggests that this dish is actually an improvisation of a former Indian dish, created by Bangladeshi Chefs working in the UK. Some even speculate that the dish may have originated by accident, stumbled upon by the mix of eastern and western flavour pallets. The notable absence from restaurants in India means that it is likely to be a Western invention.

Our argument
Even with all the origin claims, chicken tikka masala stays truly a British national dish because of its sheer popularity. It also showcases the way that Britain has adopted a version of this dry dish, purely because we love to have our meat with gravy!
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