Dining Out vs. Dining In!

When the end of a stressful week is drawing near, it’s always nice to have some weekend plans to get you out and about, catch up with some friends, or to simply help you relax. Many of us opt for our favourite food dishes. After all, it is the end of the week and we deserve too! It’s not every weekend that people feel like going out, so many reach for them takeaway menus and see what delicious food they can collect and eat, from the comfort of their own sofa.

Below we’re going to explore some of the advantages of eating out and why it often gives you the finer dining experience!

Dining Out Is Very Sociable
Everyone enjoys the sense of occasion and atmosphere of eating out, whether it’s a big family occasion, a friend’s get together or a candle -lit dinner for two. Dining out will always remain one of our favourite pass times!

Sitting around a table together gives you the chance to catch up after a long week, giving each other the attention deserved, whilst enjoying beautiful food and excellent service!

Eating Out Does Not Have To Be Unhealthy!
Many people believe that eating out is the unhealthy option, but this is just not the case. We offer a variety of dishes rich in nutrients that you can choose from, ranging from exotic stir fry’s to deliciously cooked pizzas! You can select which ever foods are taking your fancy and put as much on your plate as you like. There are no set portions, so you don’t have to feel pressured into piling your plate high. All of our ingredients are fresh (some with proven health benefits) and are prepared to excellent standards.

So if you are worried about ruining any healthy diet, don’t fear! We provide beautifully prepared food and salads – and you get to control the portions!

More Choice!
Dining out at our buffet will provide you with a lot of choice. Here you will find dishes that you may not necessarily be able to prepare at home, as there is a diverse selection of foods from many different cultures! You can try something in our buffet restaurant that you might not ever think about preparing yourself at home! And with a little encouragement from fellow diners, you may try something you’d never dream of picking up in the supermarket! Go on we dare you!

You Don’t Have To Decide From a Takeaway Menu
At our buffet you can come along and choose from a wide range of exquisite foods “ placed right in front of you! Reading a takeaway menu can sometimes get a little confusing, and there may be many dishes on there you have never even heard of! All the more reason to come along to the restaurant and view all the foods for yourself. There will be dishes you don’t recognise but are just calling out to be tried, purely from their smells and appealing presentation! When ordering a takeaway, we often choose a dish we are familiar with, as we don’t want to waste money on something we don’t like the taste of.

By dining out in our buffet, you can try something new and experience some unique dishes, and if it’s not quite to your taste you can just grab yourself something else! All at the extra price as our buffet is a set price per head. We understand that sometimes a relaxing night in front of the TV is just what the doctor has ordered, so luckily we have a takeaway menu which provides some of our best dishes which are just as tasty at home as they are in the buffet.

If you haven’t yet tried our award winning buffet restaurant, why not organise a night out next week and let your taste buds run wild! As much as we hate to turn away customers, sometimes we have to if there are no tables available.