Is Our Food Really Proven To Make You Happier?

Experts are always stating that there are many weird and wonderful ways in which you can increase your happiness. One of the most popular methods is by eating certain foods, as certain products such as; chocolate release endorphins, which has been proven to increase a positive mood.

We don’t have categorical evidence explaining food from chef & spice will make you happier than you’ve ever been – we wish we did, but that might be slightly out of our reach. However, following scientific research, we have discovered many of our ingredients used in our meals can have a positive effect on people’s mood. We kid you not!

It gets better, as other research has made us realise that our meals can also make you healthier too. We’re not saying you should scrap any physical activity and just eat our curry every night, but, just bringing your attention to these studies and the benefits related with our food! So, next time you come and eat with us, it won’t feel like a naughty treat! All you have to do is pick the right dishes!

So how can it improve your health?
The nutrients found within chipotle peppers, which go into many of our dishes, can actually help with your eyesight! You won’t all of a sudden be able to see miles away or in the dark. As fantastic as that would be, instead it helps maintain your eyesight; meaning that as you grow older it takes longer for your eyesight to hinder.

On top of this, these peppers also help to make it much less likely for you to have a cataracts or macular degeneration when you grow older.

How does spicy food make you happier then?
Like chocolate, these little peppers help you to produce endorphins at a much quicker rate. So if you are ever feeling sad, eat a dish that contain these peppers and you will soon see the difference.

Other benefits
Not only do these little peppers help with health and happiness, but did you know they can help with exercise? It is proven that they contain nutrients to help relax you after a long workout. Perhaps you like to do a long workout after work a few times a week to relieve stress and ensure you become healthier?

Whilst eating any food won’t for definite improve your weight, health, mood, or anything for that matter. There are still some foods that can contribute to these things, including spicy foods!