Our Prices & Special Offers!

We feel it’s extremely important to always review our prices. This is something that might vary for a number of reasons. Sometimes an ingredient of a dish might become more expensive, sometimes we might be able to afford having lower prices on a special occasion, etc. There are so many things to consider, so this makes it very difficult to keep the same prices for anything for a lengthy amount of time but here at Chef and Spice we try our best.

This can often spur on a cause to have a special offer or even a reason to change the menu significantly. Not everyone likes the same things and everyone has their favourites, so in an effort to show we appreciate this, we often add, take away, and re-add many dishes on the menu. This way, we’re able to offer everything and keep the majority happy, rather than just keeping the same dishes for a select few.

We do have offers on for particular kinds of people too. For example, we have offers on for students, as know at this time of your life it is less likely you’ll have as much to spend and in order to learn, it is important you have enough fuel in the tank or food in your belly if you’d prefer. There are many so many different reasons these offers and prices will suit you and this article will help you to understand this a bit better too.

How special offers affect our customers

We have many offers on at the same time and they are always designed to have some positive impact on our customers, their experience with us and ultimately ensure that they enjoy themselves as much as possible! After all, not everything is all about money, so the offer should replicate this and make sure it is not only great financially, but will mean the customers have a great time too!

A great example of this would be the 6 card holder discounts per table offer, as this means more of you can enjoy the food for less. Enjoying a meal with a number of people will always be more fun than on your own so this is ideal for everyone! As stated briefly above we also do discount for students. The same applied for NHS too; both of these are entitled to 15% discount. We feel the need to do this, as these are the people of our future and the people who look after us should we need it.

How our prices reflect on the day

Our prices differentiate depending completely on the day you come and dine with us. This is for a specific reason. The prices do rise on a Saturday night, but this is due to the entertainment you will also be presented with. On a Saturday you will be lucky enough to have the opportunity to see a magician live at work. This experience is like no other and the magic is very much real when it’s right before your eyes!

On Sunday lunchtime however, the prices do drop again significantly, we understand a lot of places are closed on a Sunday and you usually end up paying more to eat out because of this. So therefore, we wanted to combat this head on by offering our meals slightly cheaper on a Sunday so you can enjoy the same food, without the worry of money throughout.

Here are our prices:


Monday to Thursday £13.95 per person (Children under 10 years* £7.50)
Friday and Saturday £16.95 (Children under 10 years* £9.50)
Sunday lunchtime:

12:30 to 4pm £12.95 (Children under 10 years* £7.95) – 4pm to 10.30pm £14.95 (Children under 10 years* £8.50)
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