Prostaid Care

Here at Chef & Spice we are very passionate about two things; that’s serving good food that aims to satisfy and delight our customers, and supporting worthy charity events.
In support of these we frequently hold fundraiser events to help raise funds for those in need. One of our most recent events was in held in honour of Prostaid Care which was an extremely successful event raising over an amazing £2000 for the cause.

What is Prostaid all about?
They are a group of volunteers who have been affected by prostate cancer and serve the local area of Rutland, Leicestershire and Northamptonshire. The charity was founded in 2004 and is now an independent registered charity.

Prostaid care raises funds to purchase innovative equipment for hospitals and clinics within the local area and to fund two prostate cancer specialist nurses all in aid of supporting and helping men with prostate cancer. The volunteers at the charity also offer dedicated patient support that provides information, friendship and a helpline to support these local men and their families through these difficult times.

They have so far have been able to purchase numerous equipment pieces for the Department of Urology at Leicester general Hospital including an Ultra Sound Guidance System and a Trans-rectal Ultrasound Scanner and probe. Through the use of these machines and others it enables men to have prostate cancer discovered and treated early.

As well as electronic equipment they have also purchased things such as an Harmonic Scalpel for use within minimally invasive surgery procedures on top of various other items.

Further aims:
Raise awareness of Prostate cancer within the local community
To develop and maintain an independent, local, support network for sufferers
To establish a centre of excellence in the future once funds have been raised.

Such organisations could not be as successful without the support of those who care and that is why we are so passionate about holding frequent fundraising events in our restaurant.