Every year you have the same meal on Christmas day and due to tradition, this is something that no one wants to change or ruin. After all, what you’re used to is what makes Christmas so special and how the day remains one of the most memorable throughout your entire life. However, what if you could keep those traditions, but also manage to spice things up a little by adding new elements to the day?

For instance, why not have the traditional Christmas meal, but with added trimmings which you aren’t used to? The saying ‘don’t knock it until you try it’ springs to mind, and this is true; having something with a completely different taste might change the mood or make things feel slightly different to normal.

On top of this, through having extra options throughout your Christmas this makes way for those who don’t particularly like Christmas dinner to choose something different to have. Moreover, should you be vegetarian it opens avenues for you too, as there is a much bigger chance of there being vegetarian options! Reading on in this article will help you to understand why you must switch up what you do for Christmas dinner this year!

Christmas Day with Chef & Spice

From 12:30 to 5pm the restaurant will be serving a traditional roast turkey and trimmings with roast potatoes, and Brussel sprouts. For pudding you will be able to enjoy a Special Christmas pudding with brandy sauce. We believe this is the most traditional way to dine on Christmas and because of this, we will work extremely hard to perfect it and better what you might have had elsewhere!

Furthermore, for those who aren’t particularly keen on the traditional Christmas dinner, then there are many different things you can choose from off our original menu. This ranges through many different dishes.

Here are the kinds of things you’ll have to choose from;

Salad Bar Always a choice of 6 mixed salads including Pani

Puri, a popular Indian appetiser. + Special Festive salad.
Salad Bar Always a choice of 6 mixed salads including Pani
Puri, a popular Indian appetiser. + Special festive starter.
Popadoms with pickles
Dosa Very popular South Indian spicy pancakes
Tandoori oven Plain Naan breads. Other naan breads on request.
Stir Fry noodle bar Choose your ingredients and watch them being cooked.
Main courses bar A choice of 11 dishes that always include vegetarian options and a range of spiciness. + Special festive main course.
Grill Includes: Sheek Kebab, Panir, roast potato, tandoori Chicken + Special festive grilled dish
Teppanyaki hot griddle. Chicken or Lamb or Sirloin Steak (during the festive season only) with vegetables, cooked to your taste.
Pizza including vegetarian
Desserts A great range of hot and cold desserts and ice creams featuring a Chocolate fountain and, of course, Christmas pudding!

Boxing Day & New Year’s Eve

As you can see above, there are many different kinds of dishes to choose from if you would prefer something different to the traditions of Christmas dinner. Likewise to Christmas day, both Boxing Day and New Year’s Eve offer these types of menus. Whilst we don’t have the same menu on day by day, this is designed to give you some idea of what you have to choose from. What is more, is the fact that through this we are also able to offer many dishes perfect for vegetarians!

If you fancy spicing up your Christmas dinner this year, simply book your table with us by clicking here or calling us on: 0116 242 2240