The Secrets To Success

Here at Chef and Spice we believe success is down to certain contributing factors; we ensure such factors are installed within our company values and goals.

Quality and experience locked into every bite
In order to flourish within this tough economic climate we incorporate personal experience, instincts and principles into all business functions. We aim to create delicious foods with premium ingredients and then served within a first class environment. We make sure that our customers do not settle for anything less than the best.

Understanding of ingredients
A substantial amount of thought goes into ingredients used in our tasty dishes, with many of them having positive health benefits. These are explored below:

Ginger – Fresh root ginger is naturally high in vitamin C and works as a powerful antioxidant which helps to boost the immune system

Chilli – Helps to combat heart attacks and strokes; this is due to the fact that it appears to extend blood coagulation time thus preventing harmful blood clots.

Tomato – Containing high levels of vitamin C it works as a natural immune booster.

Cinnamon – This aids within the digestion process and helps to combat diarrhoea and nausea.

Garlic – Is known to contain trace minerals such as: Calcium, Phosphorous and Iron and is rich in Vitamins B1 and C. These trace minerals are known to have effects on natural immune boosting.

This is only a small handful of ingredients used by us that have positive health benefits, as the list does go on and on. We aim to educate all kitchen staff about them, to ensure not only tasty dishes are created, but ones packed full with healthy advantages.

Front of house staff
It is important that there are staff to greet the customers as they enter the restaurant, show them to an available seat and once they are ready; be at hand to take their order. Through this we are able to reduce the confusion of the customer; as to whether they should seat themselves or wait to be seated and lower the levels of frustration just by ensuring that this basic level of service is in place.

We understand that our recruitment policy has an effect on the image and reputation of our business; just as much as the food we serve. The overall experience of the meal is an essential choice factor for these customers; so giving them a positive one to remember is highly beneficial. As we hope they will go onto recommending our restaurant to family and friends.

Quality service
So what is quality service? To Chef and Spice it is about not only delivering but also exceeding customer expectations. We want our customers to have a restaurant experience that is second to none. On our check list is; politeness, hospitality, warmth and attentiveness. This doesn’t mean that there is a constant need for interaction as there is such a thing as TOO MUCH. We ensure that we meet the essential points of greet, order taking, check on meal, clearing of the table and thanking for the visit.