What We Believe To Be Top Customer Service

We understand the importance of providing quality customer service and how it has a continual effect on improving our standards and business. We thrive on making the best food accompanied with a professional and friendly service, to leave our customers amazed and very pleased that they made the decision to dine with us.

Our customers are the most important part of our restaurant business, without them we could not exist and succeed in what we are very passionate about. The food could be the best you have ever tried, although bad customer service could easily stop you from coming back.

Customer satisfaction is our main priority and here’s how we make sure we achieve it:

Our Staff
The first step in ensuring great customer service is our restaurant staff. After all, these are the people that will be looking after you for the evening, providing you with everything you may need to guarantee a pleasurable visit. Our well trained front of house staff are well trained and have the ability to multi task. They are very friendly and will give you their undivided attention. Our staff work as a great team, making sure our customers are happy throughout the duration of their evening.

We Appreciate Our Customers
We understand that actions speak louder than words and we will always do our best to help you out during your evening in any way we can. Providing you with personal attention is important to us; we know that this is a good way to show that we value your custom, and appreciate you selecting us for your meal out.

We enjoy getting to know our regular customers and like to show them we enjoy seeing them personally, and are not just interested in them buying our buffet service

We Are Very Well Organised
We understand that arriving at a restaurant to find your reservation has been double booked, or not noted down in full detail can be highly frustrating, or even worse -disappointing. We know how to book out our restaurant correctly, and our top organisational skills assist us with this. We understand a buffet can get a little crowded, so we advise our customers on the best way to tackle the buffet and how to get the most out of it!

Customer Feedback
Customer feedback drives us forward. We value any complaints we may receive as we see these as a learning curve. We welcome feedback and suggestions from our customers about how we could improve our service. This helps us to recognise how we can make the dining experience at our buffet easier and more satisfying.

We will continue to do our very best, and ensure our customer service matches the standard of our delicious buffet dishes. You are the customers, and it is our job to provide you with an exquisite dining experience on every visit.