Why buffets are winning the restaurant menu race!

Buffets are said to be over taking the a la carte restaurants due to the diversity and excellent value for money they offer. This is great news for us here at Chef and Spice as we are proud of the dishes we serve, and the outstanding level of freshness we maintain daily.

We know the importance of the variety of dishes we serve and are always working to improve and add to our dish selection.

Below are the main benefits of buffet dining and the possible reasons why buffets are over taking the popularity of sit down a la carte restaurants.

Wide Variety of Options

Buffets are great due to the wide variety of food they offer. Why you visit a buffet you do not have to worry about someone not liking the menu as there really is something for everyone – even the fussiest of eaters. Our buffet offers everything from English, Indian, Chinese and Italian cuisine, to pizza, salad or our Teppanyaki.

Great Value For Money

With the economic downfall people now see dining out as an occasional treat as it can be very expensive. However buffets are known to be excellent value for money and something which people continue to pay for as they feel they are getting more for their money being able to eat as much as they want for a set price.

Try New Things

Buffets also give people the opportunity to experiment with their taste buds. As you can choose to eat what you wish. This is a safe way to experiment as if you were to order just one dish of something new and you were to unlike, you have no choice but to eat it. You are in charge of exactly what you eat and how much.

No Wait For food

Buffets are brilliant for meals especially large parties, as it cuts out the long wait for the food. It also prevents any possible problems when it does arrive such as missing a meals or wrong orders! This can ruin your dining experience and something we are glad we do not have to worry about. We would rather watch everyone eat together and enjoy their food.

Buffets are Healthier

Believe it or not but buffets are actually healthier than any other type of restaurant menu. This is because you can put together your own selection by choosing what’s best for you and your dietary needs.