Why We’re Much More Than Just Your Ordinary Restaurant!

So often you’ll go to a restaurant and the food and ambiance is great. There’s absolutely nothing particularly wrong with the place. But, there’s something missing. We have tried to erase this by offering things that so many other companies within our industry simply do not.

We recognise the importance of being able to offer things you might not be expecting or is simply madness; however mad it might be it always works. How many times have you been out for a meal, and how many times have you remembered that occasion?

We understand that going out for a meal is a luxury, but it is a rarity you’ll hold that occasion amongst your most favourable memories, right? Well we intend to change this by making meals here not only taste great, but also rememberable also.

Special Occasions
We love it when customers book here for a special occasion. We often share the same enthusiasm as the customers and this really shows through the amount of work that goes into preparing the restaurant for your occasion.

It is often hard to maintain content customers in big groups who come for special occasions, as everyone has their own personal preferences and tastes, but this is all part of the fun to us and we thrive off the pressure of trying to get it right.

We always have our buffet on to offer a variety to everyone. This way it is more likely that everyone will be happy, as they have the chance to choose what they want and have a selection of different dishes rather than settling for just one. Having a buffet also means we allow our customers to eat as much as they like.

Catering for special occasions is important to us, as we believe it is just one of the things that are often too much for so many restaurants, whereas, we meet the challenge head on with anticipation to do well.

Party & Functioning Room
In order to create a more privatised and unique feel to your night, we offer this room to those who wish to dine alone. Or with family and friends only; this offers a great opportunity for parties, as they receive no disruption and you’ve no reason to watch what you say or do within reason of course.

This makes things much more personal to you, and this is exactly what we wanted to achieve. The fact you’re able to have a party in a room of your own with the best possible service is designed to ensure you live like a king for the night; with everything you could possibly want just a few seconds or one request away.

Here at Chef & Spice we like to make things as unique as we can. One way we try to spice things up is through multiple kinds of entertainment throughout the meals. The entertainment involves as follows; Dr John (magician), Sean Heydon (illusionist). Both of these are complete professionals. You will be able to watch them perform whilst you’re eating if you wish to do so.