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Experts are always stating that there are many weird and wonderful ways in which you can increase your happiness. One of the most popular methods is by eating certain foods, as certain products such as; chocolate release endorphins, which has been proven to increase a positive mood. We don’t have categorical evidence explaining food from… Read more »

Class yourself as a bit of a foodie? Do you enjoy trying new dishes and tastes? Are you looking for something a little more interesting than the British favourite chicken tikka masala or korma, to really tantalise the taste buds? Well look no further than our specials menu! This menu is full of exciting dishes… Read more »

With the vast amount of wines available on the market; it can prove a bit of a challenge to know which will best compliment a certain curry. Don’t panic! Below, we have put together our top tips, so that you will never be in this situation. When you are finding the best wine, there are… Read more »

We are proud to say that each and every one of our meals goes through a great deal of thought and effort, in order to make it to the standard that we believe customers will find better than satisfactory. We are also proud to be able to offer such a wide range of different dishes… Read more »

We strive to maintain a reputation of being more than a restaurant that cooks tasty foods; as we want customers to return again and again. This means that we are always looking into ways that we can improve our services and remain as our customer’s first choice. We also want to be able to give… Read more »

Following the glorious heat wave this summer, there is a festival set to turn up the heat for the Midlands once again. Local growers of Chillies, ‘ChilliBobs’, who are situated at Chilli Farm have announced the brand new to 2014 East Midlands Chilli Festival at the Newark Site in Nottingham. During this festival there will… Read more »

Chicken tikka masala is widely loved by all, especially us Brits, who in a recent survey ranked it as our second favourite dish. However, there is a mystery surrounding the origin of the nations’ favourite dish, which we hope to solve within this blog. International debate For centuries there has been a certain mystery which… Read more »

Magician every Friday night performing his magic to all of our customers. Excellent to keep everyone entertained. John’s talent never fails on leaving everyone wondering how! Come and find out just how good he is for yourself. There isn’t a better place for abit of magic, so for your perfect dining experiance with entertainment book… Read more »

Some argue that when considering the historical principle, the Halal way of preparing meat, is said to be one of the most humane methods available. Saying this, earlier this year a debate sparked when it was revealed that restaurants were allegedly serving Halal meat without customers being made aware. A fast food chain seriously hit… Read more »

We understand the importance of providing quality customer service and how it has a continual effect on improving our standards and business. We thrive on making the best food accompanied with a professional and friendly service, to leave our customers amazed and very pleased that they made the decision to dine with us. Our customers… Read more »