Chicken Tikka Masala: English or Indian?

Chicken tikka masala is widely loved by all, especially us Brits, who in a recent survey ranked it as our second favourite dish. However, there is a mystery surrounding the origin of the nations’ favourite dish, which we hope to solve within this blog. International debate For centuries there has been a certain mystery which… Read more »

Halal Meat – The Concept Behind It

Some argue that when considering the historical principle, the Halal way of preparing meat, is said to be one of the most humane methods available. Saying this, earlier this year a debate sparked when it was revealed that restaurants were allegedly serving Halal meat without customers being made aware. A fast food chain seriously hit… Read more »

What We Believe To Be Top Customer Service

We understand the importance of providing quality customer service and how it has a continual effect on improving our standards and business. We thrive on making the best food accompanied with a professional and friendly service, to leave our customers amazed and very pleased that they made the decision to dine with us. Our customers… Read more »

Spices; The Unique Tastes And Health Benefits

Our chefs like to excite your taste buds and provide you with delicious and high quality recipes. Our selection of Indian foods are superb and contain a unique blend of exotic herbs and spices, adding that little extra flavour. Below you can discover how these ingredients add life to our Indian dishes, ensuring you have… Read more »


Below is an interview with Syedur Rahman – the owner of Leicester’s most popular buffet restaurant, Chef and Spice! He was keen to share his passion for food and why having the very best kitchen staff is so important to him. Q. How did you become so passionate about cooking? S.R.I love to cook. I… Read more »

Buffets; The Best Way To Dine!

From birthdays to anniversaries, coming to our buffet for a meal to is a great way to celebrate any special occasion. Large Table Bookings Booking a table for a small number of people doesn’t come with very many complications, but if there is a large number of you, this can soon turn into a nightmare…. Read more »

Why Buffets Are My Saviour

Heeva, a broke student gives us an insight into her experience of going to a buffet and why she swears by them. The life of a broke student can be tough at best, however the life of a broke student at a buffet is one full of wonder. Oh all the endless food, Oh all… Read more »

The Secrets To Success

Here at Chef and Spice we believe success is down to certain contributing factors; we ensure such factors are installed within our company values and goals. Quality and experience locked into every bite In order to flourish within this tough economic climate we incorporate personal experience, instincts and principles into all business functions. We aim… Read more »

Prostaid Care

Here at Chef & Spice we are very passionate about two things; that’s serving good food that aims to satisfy and delight our customers, and supporting worthy charity events. In support of these we frequently hold fundraiser events to help raise funds for those in need. One of our most recent events was in held… Read more »

Stroke Association & Wishes 4 Kids

We have two main priorities. Making sure that our customers are happy with food and the service they receive and supporting worthy charity events. We regularly hold fundraising events inside our restaurant; in order to help raise funds for those in need. Our most recent event was held for ‘Stroke Association & Wishes 4 Kids’,… Read more »